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Visitor Center Renovation in Progress

Illustration of the new Pearl Harbor Visitor Center & Museum

Illustration of the new Pearl Harbor Visitor Center & Museum

The new Pearl Harbor Museum and Visitor Center is expected to be completed in December 2010.  The construction is being done in stages so that that portions of the museum can remain open and provide continuing access to the Arizona Memorial.

The new facility will include an additional six acres of land and the visitor center will expand to 24,000 square feet, doubling the current museum exhibition space. Have a look at illustrations of the new design.

The new Arizona Visitor center will:

  • accommodate the increasing number of people that visit each year with expanded, comfortable, and ecologically aware facilities.
  • provide in-depth interpretation of what happened at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 through comprehensive, state-of-the-art audio/visual displays; the use of rare, historical photographs, charts, maps, and more to extensively analyze events leading up to the attack through the post-attack salvage efforts; and new, “tactile” presentations allowing visitors to feel the history of Pearl Harbor.
  • Make use of climate-controlled exhibit cases allowing many more of the priceless artifacts of Pearl Harbor history to be displayed.

Funds are still being raised to pay for the construction. To find out more about the new visitor center or make a donation online visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund website.


  1. Glen Means says:

    Is pearl harbor still open for people to see? I heard they are closing for renovation. We are visiting oahu in May and hope to visit pearl harbor. Please let me know what’s going on!!!


  2. Here’s what’s going on right now – the park is still open – have fun.


    I will br on cruse ship on April 13 at Pearl Harbor . They canceled my trip to the Arazona and Battleship Mo. Can I still take a cab and come and see both?

  4. Yes you can – most cruise ships will have taxi’s available close by. It will take about a half hour to get there except during rush hour.

  5. I was at the museum 6 yrs ago – and saw the short movie in the theater there… I saw my dad on the small boat shot – but could never find anyone to tell me (over the phone – at the museum) how I’d get the movie to show it to him (which I tried to do when I got back to Chicago) He is now 93 years old. If I got the movie somehow that they showed at the museum – I could show it to him – for him to see if it was him. Anyone know how I’d get the video they showed at the museum?

    He was on USS Chincoteague (AVP-24)

    He started on the ship out of Pearl Harbor to go on salvage and rescue duty in the Palaus in December 1944 and in February 1945 joined the Iwo Jima assault force. After a period of duty at Ulithi she sailed in June 1945 for an overhaul at the Terminal Island repair facility at San Pedro, California. She tended seaplanes at Okinawa and at Tsingtao, China, between October 1945 and 1946


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